BFA Louisiana State University


HGTV ARTIST: Going For Sold (2019)

Art Seen on OWN: Queen Sugar (2020)

HGTV ARTIST: Two Steps Home (2021)

Art of Cartooning Instructor for the UNCA Super Saturday Program at the University of North Carolina Asheville

  Comic Illustrator for The Lion's Roar Newspaper

Southeastern Louisiana State University

                          Artist Statement


     Although nature is a consistent theme in my work, it is not the only important one. This may in fact have to do with moments in my life since my birth. Post nine eleven, the war in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, and navigating parenthood as a single mother during the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic. The world as I knew it as a young child changed dramatically in my teenage years, therefore, the landscapes that I once created are not the only thing I see anymore. And it is important for me to create something with more meaning, not only for myself but for everyone who comes into contact with it. 

    I create work that is brought to life from my past experiences both in everyday occurrences and dreams. I wish to bridge the gap between the two. It is my belief that most of our days get intermingled somewhere in the middle where magic and reality collide. 

    The initiating point for my work comes from sitting in silence and drawing what I remember from my own life in my sketchbook as well as sketching from life. I use many resources to help me gain an understanding of objects and animals that I wish to include in my work. Birds and insects are recurring subject matters because of the symbolic meanings that they can bring to each piece. For example, the great blue heron meaning refers to tranquility and stillness. The symbolism also signifies determination because as both humans and animals we are bound to wade through marshes and ponds through life's journey, but we must never give up. Also, a Carolina wren primarily lives in the wooded areas of the south, a place that will forever feel like home to me. Therefore, I am always lost in an animal biology book or human anatomy book so that I can better understand and depict the world in which I live. 

    The painting process plays an important role in my art. There is a biographical quality of each brushstroke that is placed on the canvas. Each day as I approach the canvas on my easel there is a different emotion running through my veins, a different outlook on the image, the material and my life. 

  The strategies that I use to communicate my ideas are simple. I use imagery from south Louisiana such as oysters, birds, nests, food, and textures found in my environment to strike a connection with my audience. I have a fascination with our culture, daily life, and what separates this area that I live from the rest of the world. My work documents similarly to how a journal records daily events about the life we all live here on the bayou. By using my life experiences as an example my goal is that you the viewer will see your own reflection within each painting and feel the love of our home. 


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